About the Employees

Running a good business means having good employees to run it.  Over the years, we've gathered a talented crew of people who not only keep the daily operations of the business going, but allow for the continued growth of the business.

Arthur Clem

As the owner and operator, Art Clem has a lot to do here at Art Clem Enterprises.  Whether it's searching for the best products to sell, placing orders, or haggling with the shipping company to get a better deal, Art's focus is constantly on improving the business, lowering costs, and making sure the company can better fulfill the needs of more and more customers.

As the company grows, so does the workload.  One of Art's focuses over the years has been assembling a crew of talented individuals that can manage the parts of the business that have grown beyond the control of one man.  He now employs about a dozen people.  Read on below to find out more about the crew here.

If you'd like to know more about Art's business as a whole, make sure to read about the company.

Debra Whitlock

Long ago, back in the last century, Deb wandered into Art Clem Enterprises believing that she was going to work for a "novelty book store".  What she found was comic books, role-playing games, sports cards and a customer base which ranged from the normal family types to the fan-boys like Patrick and nerds like Noah.  In fact, she has been working with Art for longer than some of our other employees have been alive.  When the business transitioned from brick & mortar to e-commerce, Deb's skills created a foundation of programs and policies which helped propel the business forward. Like a traffic cop at a busy intersection, she coordinates the various projects, departments and personnel which are the behind-the-scenes backbone of any internet business.

When she's in a good mood, Deb is fond of story-telling, often speaking about "the good old days" back before the warehouses were air-conditioned, before computer downloads, before internet, before age had mellowed our boss...back when she had to walk to walk in the snow uphill both ways...

Vernon Duncan

Vern is the warehouse manager and comic strip artist of the company.  Like many who have worked in warehouse, he started as a temporary employee during the Christmas rush.  Once his abilities as a packer were noticed, he was given more and more responsibility, eventually evolving into the overall warehouse manager that he is today.  He remains as one of the fastest packers of the business, but spends much of his time doing other warehouse work and helping guide our newer warehouse employees to do their job as best they can.

Vern has always enjoyed drawing, and spends his free time doodling.  One day, he showed us a small scene that he'd doodled that poked fun at some of the more eccentric employees around the office, Noah and Patrick.  When we saw it, we just knew he had to draw more.  Now Vern adds a comic strip to every newsletter, adding a little bit of humor for our customers.

Patrick Alicie

Every product you see on our websites, eBay, and Amazon must be entered by our employees.  At the helm of these duties is Patrick.  He's the class clown of the company and tries not to take his job too seriously.  Thankfully, his oddities also give him a knack for finding interesting new products to add to our inventory.  He enjoys many of the games that we sell, and that passion for fun lets him enjoy the process of finding and adding new products.  His love for fun stuff also helps him write in our newsletter and on Facebook about our newest releases.

His fun-loving attitude does get him in trouble from time to time, though.  He often says off-the-wall humorous comments that might cause offense.  And let's not forget the time he broke his leg at Connooga.  Patrick sometimes has a little too much fun, but we wouldn't have him any other way.

Lynne Demeter

Aside from Deb, Lynne has been here longer than anybody else.  She is multi-talented and does a variety of things around the office.  She has an eye for detail, and often catches other employees' mistakes as she does paperwork and prints postage for the packages going out.

Her talents go beyond her job here, though.  Lynne also quilts as a hobby, and is quite good at it.  The quilt behind in the picture to the right is one of her own creation, and there are several of her beautiful quilts hanging around the office.  Lynne also enjoys making sweets and bringing them to the other always-hungry workers here at the company.  Lucky for us, Lynne can't eat sweets, so she doesn't mind when we devour her plates of goodies whole.  Oh Lynne, what would we do without you?

Alishia James

A single mom of a beautiful little girl, Alishia has been with us for a year now and handles product research.  She's always on the lookout for new companies and product lines to add to our catalog.  Other than Art, she's the first to arrive and makes sure to bring in all of the orders for the day to begin.

Alishia makes sure to great everyone who enters the office with a "Good Morning!" greeting, especially the ones who don't want one.  She's always happy and getting excited about the assortment of products that cross her desk. Which is terrific, because we don't care for any "Grumpy-Gusses" around here!

Anna Mazitova

Here is what my kids wrote;

“Our mother, Anna Mazitova, was born in Kazan, Russia. She immigrated to the United States in 2002. During the past few years, she has worked hard to move up the social ladder and offer a better future for her husband and children. In 2004, she attended Cleveland State College and then the University of Tennessee, Knoxville to improve her credentials, knowledge, and resume through a B.A. in business; at that time, she was working a job and going to college full-time; she graduated in 2009 with Highest Honors. Currently, she is working as a Bookkeeper for Art Clem and thoroughly enjoys her current position. Hard working, ambitious, and honest…that’s our mom.” – Albina, Age 18

“My mom likes her job.” – John, Age 6

Everyone Else

Because our business is highly seasonal, we need a temporary workforce in the winter months.  Our business simply wouldn't be possible without the readily available employees we get through a temp service.  Almost every permanent employee at the company started as a temporary worker during the holidays, and excelled above the other temporary employees in order to get hired full-time.  We still use the temp service extensively to find seasonal help, and we couldn't survive without the many willing and capable temporary workers.